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Google, EA aiming for open gaming platform?

When it comes to advertising, Google is preeminent, able to squeeze revenue from clicks and passing eyes in print, the web, and possibly TV soon, too. But what about entertainment? Specifically, video games. Can we expect to see Google adverts in Halo 4 or Quake 5? An open gaming platform Let’s look a little further […]

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IBM, Sun miss the money in MMOGs

When I think of IBM and Sun Microsystems, I think of stoic, reliable mainframes, enterprise-class business software, data mining, processing et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. What I don’t think of is their bespectacled brainiacs pondering revenue streams in virtual worlds like Second Life. But like any other market that starts out small but looks […]

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In-game music, adverts for video games

We do not live in a virtual world. We live in a world of greater and lesser realities, such that they are. Take for example a telephone conversation. Such communication is no more nor any less real than talking face to face, nor is it virtual. What we have instead are varying degrees of reality […]