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IBM, Sun miss the money in MMOGs

When I think of IBM and Sun Microsystems, I think of stoic, reliable mainframes, enterprise-class business software, data mining, processing et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. What I don’t think of is their bespectacled brainiacs pondering revenue streams in virtual worlds like Second Life. But like any other market that starts out small but looks […]

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BBC, YouTube in non-event deal

Edging closer to becoming a world-wide media player, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation for those not in the know) have forged a ‘ground-breaking deal’ with Google subsidiary, YouTube. Here’s the real news: the BBC are hoping to spike YouTube with higher-quality snippets of near-disposible video as a means of kicking out the lower-quality crap taking […]

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When Open Source gets hacked

Without dipping into some semi-evangelical hard selling intro, all I’ll say is, Open Source is the way ahead. It’s the future. It’s disruptive technology at it’s most disruptive and it’s the basis of some very innovative business models. However, there are notable weaknesses to Open Source, and one such weakness is to be found in […]

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Microsoft’s OpenXML not all that open?

Maybe I was too fair to Microsoft. When I first read about their OpenXML, I thought that maybe they’d turned over a new leaf. I thought that we were going to see a more caring sharing side to Microsoft. A new Microsoft looking forward, not backwards .. say, towards compatibility, for example. “Bob Sutor commented […]

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Apple Mac Tablet for the rest of us, Part 2

So Apple go and release the Mac Tablet. What kind animal would the Mac Tablet be? When I previously talked about the needs behind the Windows Tablet PC and the problems it solves, I don’t see those needs or problem-solving ideas being anything like what Apple might have in mind. Specifically, I don’t see Apple […]