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Honda dive into the future of live advertising

In a bold move that assured Honda of viral marketing success, they paved the way for a totally different agenda in the future of advertising — delivering a message by live broadcasting…

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Honda’s carbon footprint? Button it, OK?!

It’s always good to see a large corporate making all of the right socially responsible noises. It’s rare, but it’s always welcome. And when it comes to the environment, no one’s giving more than Honda right now… So it’s heart-warming to see Honda doing their utmost to reduce their carbon footprint – with the unwitting […]

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When road tax, red diesel, organic food and bio-fuels meet, Part 2

What with the British government keen to introduce ‘pay as you drive’ scheme as a replacement to the current road taxation system, what pressures might this new scheme place on the motorist and what directions will they take? Any new laws concerning motorists are always guaranteed to generate some heavy political traffic. So what do […]