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Manage personal brand like a porn star

There’s a lot of talk recently about personal branding, and brand management. Turning your name and your message into a brand and an identity is key to recognition, respect, status and possibly even fame, and dare I say it? The path to fortune. And the kings & queens of personal branding would be? Well porn […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: make my ‘blog big!

It’s been a weird past couple of months. What I gained in terms of securing the future of my business for the foreseeable future, I lost in terms of me actually getting time to ‘blog and do the whole social web thing, going out there and commenting. As of yesterday, I took ownership of a […]

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Boldly buy with booBox

Monetizing ‘blogs is a major point of interest recently. What with the likes of Guy Kawasaki letting the side down by passing up on better ways of monetizing his ‘blog, it’s now clear that it’s unlikely that any one revenue channel is strong enough to make the most of the traffic to your ‘blog. Right […]