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Google Maps finds AdSense

There was this talk of people painting their company logos and contact details onto the roofs of their premises when Google announced Google Maps way back when. More recently, Google released Google MyMaps, giving us the tools to create outlines of the land and property we own, or where we live, or maybe the route […]

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‘Workstreams’ for mobile business?

So Google made good on all their mobile machinations and release a product that knits together GeoRSS and KML and it’s called Google MyMaps. Intrigued by the idea of drawing my own maps, I decided to plot out the route I take when I jog. What’s immediately obvious is that Google MyMaps is no Adobe […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: Hola!

As the more seasoned followers of Blah, Blah! Technology will attest, I like to periodically welcome all of my new readers. My news subscription has gone up by a fifth in the past week and a half, so there’s more people tuning in. To you, firstly I would like to thank you. And secondly, I […]