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Google’s Mayer questions value of Social Media

Google are hunting for the next big thing, and to them, Social Media must look just the ticket. In a Venture Beat interview of Google VP Marissa Mayer, we get an insight into their thinking on Social Media…

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Google Knol as trusted User-Generated Content?

Google Knol presents a problem — how can we trust the relevance of a search result if the web pages we’re being given are owned by Google and are being artificially elevated to the top results?

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Write, read and review Google Knols with Docs, Reader and Jaiku

Google Knol made the headlines, in part for all the wrong reasons. But now that Google’s Knol is here to stay, how might Google make writing, reading, rating and reviewing Knols that much easier?

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Google Knol as Wikipedia, Social Media killer?

Over the weekend, Google Knol emerged as their play for authoritative content. But who pays the price for Google taking the top spot on their own search results page — Wikipedia, Social Media, or the AdWords buyer?