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This ‘blog is goin’ places!

Due to some recent changes to Google Blogger, I’m planning on cutting loose and moving Blah, Blah! Technology elsewhere. However, there will be no need to change your bookmarks, not unless you suddenly feel the urge to. I’ll most likely be moving over to a WordPress system, hosted elsewhere under a different, unique domain name. […]

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9 things wrong with Google Blogger

Finally exiting the Beta phase, Blogger goes live. Can the real Google Blogger please stand up? Before I begin, this isn’t going to turn into some kind of Google assassination attempt. Besides, I’m not nearly vocal enough to make a dent, but I can at least try to be heard. I happen to make use […]

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What’s in store for 2007 from Blah, Blah! Technology

Oh have I been busy! Right now, I’ve got 2 weeks worth of articles ready to unleash. That’s enough science & technology stuff to keep you going until mid January. I’ve got a Skype news round-up. More news on the Apple mobile phone. Craigslist versus the Capitalists. How the New York Times is coming to […]