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Serious Science: the search for immortality

Immortality. To live indefinitely. A dream for some, while a kind of hell for others. Death is a biological mechanism. And what do we know about biological mechanisms? They can, occasionally, surprise us in ways we couldn’t have imagined — not in a million years…

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Secret anti-aging genes revealed

I believe people of my generation will be living much longer healthier lives, free from many of the ailments my parents generation suffer from now…

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Serious Science: genetically engineered super soldiers

Our fascination with Iron Man, Halo’s fabled Master Chief and The Terminator hints at both a fear and a fantasy surrounding mankind’s future. What future lies ahead of us is still uncertain, but the journey might be less fantastical than anyone had imagined…

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Just what is technology?

While the title might sound like an topic, when I ask the question: “what is technology?” how wide or how narrow do we choose to focus our search? For me, technology is everything that’s man-made and not just the newfangled stuff, with PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) and microprocessors…