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The death of the professional photojournalist?

I don’t know the full background of the following comment, so I don’t know whether he was prescient deliberately or accidentally. What I do know is, Andy Warhol was almost right. If you’re not the one being famous, then the chances are, someone is going to make you famous. “In the future everyone will be […]

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My top 10 sci-tech’ articles for 2006

So it’s that time of year again, eh? Well, not to be left out, here’s my top 10 list of science & technology articles for 2006. Apple iPhone: can Apple make the right call? Apple and the ‘billion dollar’ download patent Life’s top 10 greatest inventions Paper data storage technique could put 256GB on an […]

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Tech’ news in brief: Apple iPhone rumour round-up

Following my article, pitting the Zune versus the iPod, I thought I might follow up by way of an Apple iPhone rumour round-up. Currently, there’s a lot being said about Apple and the possibility of them rolling out a mobile phone .. or three! So what with a drunk founder blurting out possible iPhone […]

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Tech’ news in brief: paper storage not worth, err .. the paper it’s written on?

Despite the sudden rush of interest in the paper-based high-density storage media technology proposed by Sainul Abideen, those with more numerically-oriented brains than this author seem to have poured water on the flames that were only so recently fanned by the expectation that such a technology could actually be real: “Despite technological advances in scanning […]

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Paper data storage technique could put 256GB on an A4 sheet

Man has been storing data on paper for quite some time. So when you realize that we’re talking about the kind of data storage that computers are more familiar with than you or me, and being able to squeeze in over two hundred gigabytes of data onto a sheet of A4 paper .. now that’s […]