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What global energy crisis?

Predicting future technology trends doesn’t get more expensive. The global energy economy hangs in the balance, and smart people have to make some exceptionally important decisions — how are we going to power planet Earth in the future, once fossil fuels run out?

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The future of mankind: the economics of futurology

Predicting future technology trends requires hindsight as well as a different kind of foresight. But when fixing our gaze on the greater “What if?” of things, we also need peripheral vision — an insight into the many aspects of society and how our imagineering might be affected by the affairs of man…

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The future of mankind: patterns of a future world

The future as seen through the eyes of technologists and futurologists can seem a far-off place. As dreamers, they either speak of Utopian societies, who’ve long since harnessed their technologies, or of worlds left ruined by a war with cyborgs or a genetically engineered virus. Here, I’m going to explain how I see the future of mankind…

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Smart goggles offer a “pre-vision” of the future

Our lives are filled with an immeasurable number of real and virtual objects of all kinds. Remembering everything we do is one thing, but everything we see? That depends on how you look at things…

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Semantic Web as the "killer app", Part 1

In it’s present form, the web is a loose collection of data islands we call websites. In a future world wide Semantic Web, would there be a need to search for anything? Maybe those things that we need would be so neatly packaged and so clearly labeled, they would find us instead… Before I begin, […]