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Twitter lists give the finger to #followfriday?

“Sorry, you’re not on the list.” Oh, the burn. And if you’re on Twitter, the indignation is now monumentally public. But then I’m reminded of what my mother told me: it’s not quantity but quality that counts. And sometimes, the who is better than the what…

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Building a social web workflow

By far the biggest problem associated with social networking and social media is their capacity for being a major temporal sink hole, whereby we can pour our time and effort in and get very little back in return. That’s certainly what a lot of newbie socneters tell me — but it needn’t be that way, not with a little effort, because in the end it’s the difference between aimless and effortless…

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Of celebrities, non-business models and the Twitter tax

Dell used Twitter to make $1 million from discount vouchers. Iterative. Twitter consider charging for extra features. Iterative. But which is the odd one out? The former story is boring, because you’d expect that from Dell. While the latter is interesting, because Twitter would end up like FriendFeed, but charging for the same thing — now there’s something to Tweet about…

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SocialWhois, like Whois but for social media people

SocialWhois is a proof of concept social media experiment into personal relevancy, based around interests rather than relative popularity. I think they’re onto something — but only if it they become a standard…

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What is FriendFeed?

So you’ve heard of FriendFeed, right? Here’s where I explain, in simple terms, FriendFeed for avid bloggers and serial social media over achievers…