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Yahoo! getting local on a global scale

There’s no doubting that Yahoo! have caught the scent of a success idea and are pushing the fold with the whole Mashups thing. What with their previous Mashup efforts including Brand Universe and Pipes, Yahoo! are on a roll: “A reader tipped us off about these new local city Mashups Yahoo is currently beta testing […]

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Mashup Pipe dreams for Yahoo!

I do so like the direction Yahoo! are taking recently. Rather than trying to battle Google head-on through search, they’re coming from many different angles pursuing smaller, more niche directions. Their main vector of attack recently being Mashups. While they busy themselves with their various web properties together via other means, you can now entangle […]

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Yahoo’s Brand Universe goes live

So it’s a bold move by anyone to deviate from that principle, unless they have a good idea of what they’re doing. As reported previously here on Blah, Blah! Technology, Yahoo! are positioning themselves as kind of standard bearer for mashups. And with their recent acquisitions of the likes of, MyBlogLog and Flickr, they’re […]

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Yahoo! to buy MyBlogLog

As a fairly regular reader of TechCrunch, I kept seeing this Recent Reader list popping up. Curiosity got the better of me, and in the last week of December I signed up to MyBlogLog, the provider of the aforementioned list. Since then, I’m happy to say that MyBlogLog has been a pretty good investment, one […]

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Yahoo! getting into mashups?

So is Yahoo! finally starting to think about how they’re going to make their recent acquisitions of and Flickr work together? Not to be caught behind the door, Yahoo! has moved quickly to capitalize on the release and imminent wider exposure of the Nintendo Wii with the release of their Wii Portal. By way […]