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Apple’s Safari in search of success

As tempted as I am to call this a Safari versus Firefox face-off, in reality, there is no competition — Firefox is hands-down immeasurably better than Safari. And for a long-time, committed Mac user like me, some might find that an unusual disclosure…

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Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari in web wrangle

I’ve been reading excerpts from Mozilla’s COO John Lilly’s comments about Apple’s Safari release for Windows all over the web. I finally decided to track his ‘blog down and read his story as-is. And I’m pretty glad I did, too… Some of the articles I read that featured his comments were good examples of how […]

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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard initial thoughts

Beyond the initial Mac OS X Leopard preview noise would be the immediate availability of Safari for Windows, which teased a comment out of me earlier today: “I get the feeling Apple aren’t so much interested in the market share, but more the out-reach thing to make their (up-coming?) services work better under Windows. Also, […]

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Firefox, Folkd sniff social glue

As you may have read recently, either here or elsewhere, Mozilla has announced an early development release of a social Add-On extension called The Coop to their Firefox web browser. Almost immediately, thoughts turned to Flock, fellow stable mate and web browser with special social glue. However, with Mozilla proposing similar social stickiness for Firefox, […]

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Flock, Firefox social web clash?

Sometimes, just sometimes, my timing is impeccable. While other times, my timing is a strange potent of something that’s to come. Call it fate, call it Kismet, call it what you will, but me moving from Flock to Firefox could have a been a shrewd move: “What set Flock apart from it’s elder sibling Firefox […]