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Social Networks: open, secure personal IDs

In a way, I’ve been building towards this, by way of smaller discussions, comments and even my own articles. As topics go, Social Networking is vast, and because of its size, I’m going to be pulling you in different directions. Some directions in the present, some in a future of possibilities that hinge upon suppositions […]

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Social networks for the real world

Society may have come full circle. For some, not a moment too soon. But while old-fashioned values like love thy neighbour might well be on the return, for those that remember those Halcyon days the first time around, there’s this barrier called the Internet to contend with… As purely incidental as the comment was to […]

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New York Times to get with the times? Sounds like good news to me!

“New York Times Surrenders To Social News” I love that headline! There’s nothing like a good journalistic ‘the sky is falling!’ type dilemma to pull in the readers. Is there any truth in the headline? Of course not, but I wish I was one visitor behind the Tech Crunch article with this article. “The New […]