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The business of Social Network Profiles

Todays guest post is by security specialist Paul Maloney, who discusses Social Network Profiles from a business perspective — the Christmas party season is in full swing and for businesses in the know there will be plenty of Senior Managers cringing every time they see a flash of a camera at the party… In less […]

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Google giving social search the vote?

Google has struggled to get a fix on Social Media. And recently, indecision has been final. However, deep in the basement of the Google Labs, something very social is happening to search that might just be worth a vote of confidence… You see, Google has this experiment in Social Media search. Right now, it’s not […]

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Face Beats Phone, Beats IM, Beats Email

Precedence is an important property to understand. If you are sitting in a pub with friends and someone sends an SMS text message to your mobile phone, then the conversation you are having with your friends should take precedence over the text message…

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Social Media to kill Google’s search algorithm?

With the recent round of updates to Google’s PageRank, some of the more notable venues on the web have taken a sizable hit in their rankings. And while Google has left it to those affected to speculate, I suspect it’s Google’s way of trying to suppress and then kill off a web trend they can […]

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Google & Microsoft in Facebook face-off

Sometimes, good tech’ news and politically-driven technology trends just go and invent themselves. And who doesn’t like to read about the tit-for-tat tussle between Google and Microsoft? So just try to imagine Google being rattled by Facebook: “An ultra secret meeting that happened in Mountain View at Google’s headquarters. A select group of 15 of […]