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Twitter, FriendFeed undermine Social Media Marketing

Twitter and FriendFeed afford a reach, influence and the prospect of a powerful presence few would question. But if you’re trying to measure the influence of your friends via Social Media Marketing, relative to your posts and submissions, you’re in for a disappointment…

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5 internet power user tips for OpenDNS, Yahoo! Pipes and Facebook

Sometimes, stuff like web applications, chat and micro-blogging services just seem like a ton of hard work. So here’s a bunch of web tips and internet tricks to get you going!

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David Hasselhoff, Social Networks and the rise of the micro-niche

David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff has his very own Social Network. And good luck to him, too! For now is the time of the micro-niche…

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Social Networking — Britain ignores while US explores

Facebook and other Social Networking websites have polarized opinions amongst businesses. However, the most telling aspect of this split is that the divide runs right down the middle the Atlantic — and Britain appears not to be on the right side…

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Social Networking: convenience versus experience

Social Networks are the venues that pull people together on the web, either by theme, activity or any number of things. As a designer and the owner of a mind that loves to be visually engaged and stimulated, I enjoy shiny new stuff that attacks a problem from a previously unseen angle. However, convenience and experience are odd bed fellows, often not seen in the same room together…