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Europe, US make the most of manure

The humble pile of dung. An amazing thing, and so versatile, too. Not just the staple material of the more humble gardener, used for most probably tens of thousands of years to fertilize soil to grow vegetable produce and crops with, it’s also seeing something of a renaissance recently. Now, those who’re able to dip […]

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Euro video iTunes spring launch

It seems like an age has passed since Apple started offering music to the masses from their iTunes Music Store. If you’re a European like me, it seems like an even longer time between the launch of the iTunes Music Store and a more international offering, allowing Europeans to buy and download music, too. The […]

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Apple’s FairPlay in Euro legal wrangle

Leave it to my fellow Europeans to make a song & dance about fair rights for music ownership. “Norway’s Consumer Ombudsman has ruled that Apple’s FairPlay digital rights management technology violates the country’s laws by locking songs downloaded from the iTunes Store to the iPod. The ombudsman wrote a letter to Apple warning that its […]