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In-game music, adverts for video games

We do not live in a virtual world. We live in a world of greater and lesser realities, such that they are. Take for example a telephone conversation. Such communication is no more nor any less real than talking face to face, nor is it virtual. What we have instead are varying degrees of reality […]

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Apple get casual about gaming

Let’s just get one thing straight: Apple aren’t in a niche, they are a niche in their own right. In fact, they love being a niche. And, they love hunting down any new niche that is close enough to them to make sense bringing into the fold. Take casual gaming on the iPod, for example: […]

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Apple iPhone: where’s the games?

During the course of the Macworld keynote announcement of the Apple iPhone, a friend and I watched the transcript from the event and tried to guess what might be coming next: “You know what’s coming next? Video games…” I type quickly into Skype, hoping to be ahead of the announcement. In addition, I made reference […]