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Why we shouldn’t save the planet

There’s plenty of things that annoy me, none more than the paying consumer being lumbered with the responsibility of shouldering the burden of saving planet Earth. This, as a burden, is not ours to bear, and I’ll tell you exactly why. Only recently, George Bush sort of hung his hat on the technology peg by […]

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Internet circa 2035…

Thinking ahead is what differentiates humans from the other animals. Planning around those thoughts is a different matter all together. Today, we have the Internet, and it’s an amazing thing. But why hobble this amazing thing by tethering it to planet Earth? So what if we could extend the Internet? Say, out as far as […]

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Water worlds are oceans apart

In many ways, I’m glad to live in this time. Being an avid reader of popular science and accessible physics, I thrill over what is and what might be. But equally, I sometimes feel like I was born too early. It’s my grandchildren that will be the fortunate ones. They’re the ones that will walk […]

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Top 10 energy-saving tips to help the environment

So what can we all do to help save our environment? We make less mess and use less energy. That’s the idea, at least. But can we all do our part?

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Review: Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth

OK, I’ll be honest, I’m not the kind of guy who sits down with a novel and reads all day. I don’t like reading something unless there’s a purpose to it, other than simple entertainment. So my bookshelf is typically filled with edifying material; such as programming primers and books covering scientific, astronomical and historical […]