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What Twitter is(n’t)…

I’ve been looking around Twitter, seeing who’s in there, who’s saying some interesting stuff. If you’re a Twitter user, then you’ll see a question just above the spot where you type in your message, which says: “What are you doing?” What I’ve seen a lot of sort of makes me wonder if people are keeping […]

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Apple iPhone: a guided tour

Only now is the Apple iPhone starting to settle into peoples’ minds. Now, the detailed, critical but largely positive initial analyses have filtered their way through the web firmament, and people like me can start to pull the tenuous threads together. Rather than go into any detail myself, I’m going to provide references to some […]

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Web movie downloads trailing rental and cable

The immediacy of the web is one of its principle strengths. However, right now there seems to be a very ‘sound bite’ oriented mentality associated with the web as a means of media delivery. Or at least that’s the findings of a recent ABI Research document: “Watching short clips is the rage on the Web, […]

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When the printed word is pressed for an answer to ‘blogging…

Wars have been won with the power of the written word, printed and disseminated amongst a populous to incite or excite in equal measure. So having read through another installment of SEO Book, a quote taken from Clay Shirky’s Fame vs Fortune: Micropayments and Free Content caught my eye by being as astonishing as it […]