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Can you Digg it? Apparently, some can’t!

OK, a bunch of websites have been banned from Digg. The policy that the guys at Digg employ is draconian, to say the least. Some of these people deserved to banned, others have been banned because of their members abusing the service being provided to them by the service provider. Others like Oliver of Redonka […]

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Big websites of 2006 making a noise

If you want to know who was hot and who was not in 2006, ‘The 50 loudest websites in 2006 and what made them successful’ is a must read. Not only does the article cover the who but also the why and for what reason. Interestingly, it would appear that Reddit beat Digg to the […]

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New York Times to get with the times? Sounds like good news to me!

“New York Times Surrenders To Social News” I love that headline! There’s nothing like a good journalistic ‘the sky is falling!’ type dilemma to pull in the readers. Is there any truth in the headline? Of course not, but I wish I was one visitor behind the Tech Crunch article with this article. “The New […]