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Labeling the web, one page at a time?

Indexing every page on the web is challenge enough. Labeling each web page is something else entirely. Well that’s a recent idea of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, father of the Internet. Bad idea? Depends how you go about it, really…

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Google to buy Digg to avoid death by Social Media?

Google are apparently in talks to acquire Digg. Assuming this is true and I’m right, Digg could help Google avoid a death by Social Media…

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The tangled web of democracy we weave

Democracy is not a right, it’s a responsibility. The idealism of democracy at work on the web is, in places, bordering on being a pejorative term. Democracy works no better on the web than it does in the world around you — and it is in both worlds that democracy is prone to corruption…

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My big social web app’ wish list!

Social Networking & Social Media websites and applications form a big part of my daily routine. If I’m going to use something on a regular basis, I need them to work just the right side of not being annoying or difficult to use — oh how I wish…

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What price Social Networking?

What I find really disappointing is that I’ve had people follow me on Twitter only to see that their messages are of the short title + URL kind. So really, about the only reason they’re adding me is because I must fit their audience demographic, which suggests they’re marketeers. For me, a one-way dialogue is no dialogue at all…