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And your favorite Social Network is?

Social Networking is in my opinion a prerequisite of ‘blogging. So the question is, which is your favorite Social Network?

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A follow-up to Socialize Me!

In the end, my new Plugin for WordPress, Socialize Me! turned out to be more of a success than I’d either imagined or planned for. In truth, this really is just the start of things…

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WordPress Plugin: Socialize Me!

Making the most of Social Media & Social Networking is the goal of just about every ‘blogger. Imagine if you could reach out to all those visitors from StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious et cetera, right from your articles…

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Adobe development cycle hits 2.0

Keen followers of this ‘blog will have read my on-going coverage of Adobe and the Adobe versus Microsoft battle. More recently, an interview with Adobe’s Russell Williams by Mary Branscombe for The Register. Those who’re interested into the software development cycle should find this interview quite interesting and very telling, too. Even the major ISV’s […]

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When Open Source gets hacked

Without dipping into some semi-evangelical hard selling intro, all I’ll say is, Open Source is the way ahead. It’s the future. It’s disruptive technology at it’s most disruptive and it’s the basis of some very innovative business models. However, there are notable weaknesses to Open Source, and one such weakness is to be found in […]