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Why we need a blogging code of conduct

Few would contest that blogging is now mainstream. As such, aside from professional journalists, most bloggers write their own rules. But as blogging begins to compete with the mainstream media, is it time that we had a blogging code of conduct?

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Twitter is all talk and Digg democracy is dead but not buried

Any kind of democracy relies on there being some way of measuring the intent of the people. Digg offers this, Twitter doesn’t. So the very idea of Twitter being some kind of democracy makes zero sense…

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Labeling the web, one page at a time?

Indexing every page on the web is challenge enough. Labeling each web page is something else entirely. Well that’s a recent idea of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, father of the Internet. Bad idea? Depends how you go about it, really…

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The tangled web of democracy we weave

Democracy is not a right, it’s a responsibility. The idealism of democracy at work on the web is, in places, bordering on being a pejorative term. Democracy works no better on the web than it does in the world around you — and it is in both worlds that democracy is prone to corruption…

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Wikipedia in political web warfare

As I had reason to opine yesterday, the weapon of the modern politician is apathy & indifference. Armed as these people invariably are, gone are the days of the refrain: “And the best man won!” to be replaced by an expansive, seemingly empty landscape, littered with the fallen, occupied only by the last man standing. […]