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Adobe CS3 could net Apple $900m

I couldn’t wait any longer and I simply had to buy my brand new 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro. I’m running Adobe Photoshop and it’s not half bad, but I suspect it’ll run a lot faster when it’s ready for the Intel processor inside my MacBook Pro. However, there are a lot people out there […]

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Adobe and Apple eye Ides of March

Imagine my surprise when I read the following headlines: “Leopard set for March” and: “Photoshop CS3 shaping up for March release” earlier today. Might there be a reason for this? It’s certainly tempting to make a connection. With regards to the former: “If web rumour mongers are to be believed, Apple is shaping up to […]

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Adobe Fireworks to make a bang

Adobe show the door to their own pre-Macromedia acquisition image editing application ImageReady to elevate Fireworks to sub Photoshop status. Well, that’s the plan, anyway. I used to use Fireworks some years back, but in the end I just gave up trying to make it work the way other proper Mac applications work. You see, […]

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Adobe Premiere to debut .. again?

After a brief hiatus, Adobe are bringing Premier back to the Mac. However, much sniggering and wagging of fingers has ensued since the news broke. Here’s a comment by Kelly, taken from a post on a Digg article: “Apple: We’re offering you several technologies that will make Premiere much better. Please Use them. Adobe: Microsoft […]

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Adobe plan ahead and then play catch-up

What with Microsoft having fun with their Office Open XML format, Adobe seem to have found themselves in the awkward position of being caught in the headlights of a juganaught of a strategy that could well have implications for their PDF format: “In an effort to preempt this move, Adobe is now testing a set […]