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Social news portals wikio,

Amazed by the amount of click traffic through my bookmarks for both wikio, the democratic news portal and, the geo-targeted news portal, I thought I ought to commit some pixels to screen in the form of a ‘Lite’ review…

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The wires have eyes…

I’m always getting weird, wonderful and sometimes even weirdly wonderful search queries coming to my ‘blog. But then I also get some equally (if not more) weird referrer URLs coming in, too. Take for example SiggiSim, which is currently just some ‘white label’ test system, claiming to offer: “User Powered Media Your Way.” A quick […]

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Yahoo! Pipes the web your way

Right now, Seb Döll over at Pixel Milk is currently kickin’ the tyres of Yahoo! Pipes. And who can blame him? But when I first happened upon Yahoo! Pipes, I wasn’t totally won over. But having since hacked together a live version of my regular feed, and then after watching the Google TechTalk video clip […]

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Craigslist meets the Capitalists

There are few things as intriguing as a culture clash. And as a clash of cultures go, could I be naughty and suggest someone add the word ‘philanthropy’ to the American English dictionary? Well imagine the clash of capitalism against the ‘delightfully communist’ Craigslist: “Jim Buckmaster, the chief executive of Craigslist, caused lots of head-scratching […]

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What’s in store for 2007 from Blah, Blah! Technology

Oh have I been busy! Right now, I’ve got 2 weeks worth of articles ready to unleash. That’s enough science & technology stuff to keep you going until mid January. I’ve got a Skype news round-up. More news on the Apple mobile phone. Craigslist versus the Capitalists. How the New York Times is coming to […]