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Technology and the consumer comprehension curve

The consumer electronics market is one of the most competitive; sometimes driven by true innovations, sometimes by ideas concocted in the sales department. The success of any consumer electrical device or gadget relies on a lot of things being just right. And as for failure, you only need one thing to go wrong — and not understanding the consumer is as big a mistake as you can ever hope to make…

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iPod and iPhone to become one…

In terms of design, the form factor of the case design for the Apple iPhone is spot on. It’s slim, lightweight and doesn’t scream mobile phone at you. And while it’s shape is similar to that of the Sony PlayStation Portable, it’s clearly more pocket friendly… “Apple watchers Piper Jaffray released a report Monday predicting […]

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From Plan Apple to Plan Zune for Microsoft…

As if written as some contrived plot for an off-beat IT Sci-Fi series, news emerges that Microsoft considered doing a deal with Apple and the iPod. “A senior Microsoft executive was so frustrated by his experience with digital music players made by global partners that he proposed turning to Apple’s iPod for salvation, documents made […]

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Making a name for Consumer Electronics

What’s in a name? If you’re in the consumer electronics business, the name is everything. Problem is, even after living in the shadow of the ‘less is more’ mantra of Apple for so long, no one seems to be thinking as different as Apple do. Take for example, take the Windows Home Server, which I’ve […]