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Top 10 energy-saving tips to help the environment

So what can we all do to help save our environment? We make less mess and use less energy. That’s the idea, at least. But can we all do our part?

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Eneco: heat-to-energy chip being developed

When we talk of disruptive new technologies, they don’t get much more disruptive than this. Converting heat directly into energy is as big of a deal as you’re going to read about anywhere today. So the heat is on to create one cool chip that if viable, could well have an enormous impact on our […]

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When it comes to the environment, we can do it if B&Q do it, too!

You know where the good money is on any particular political agenda when someone like B&Q go and monetize it. I think we all now appreciate that the environment is no longer fringe politics. It’s now very firmly front & centre politics. And with so many people feeling so very guilty about their household waste, […]