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Errant ego spammers endanger Engadget solidarity

“Comment and be known”. Sparking a conversation with your readers is the most important thing a writer / blogger can do. But for some, moderating those comments and managing the personalities that use comments for their own personal digital deification can be a major challenge — as both Engadget and myself have learned…

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Comment spam becoming conversational

Spam of all forms is a fact of life on the internet, with email and comment spam being the top two. Like some kind of internet arms race, as fast as the systems evolve to filter spam out of our in boxes, the spam changes subtly — now comment spam is becoming a conversation…

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How to hide spammy Shouts on Digg

Unsolicited messages (a.k.a Spam) are a drain and a drag. No sooner do we edge away from our total dependance on email – towards Social Networks like Pownce and StumbleUpon, or IM (Instant Messaging) services like MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger – do we then find ourselves the target of yet more spam… According to […]

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Search Engines to kill comment spam?

As a ‘blogger, you come to expect comment spam. Such things are part & parcel of ‘blogging. As a ‘blogger however, what we don’t want is for comment spammimg to become an industrial-scale process. But maybe we could expect to find salvation in a very unusual but very visible source? If we assume that the […]

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TinyURL is good, but…

I think there’s room for something a little special. I think the guys at TinyURL could help towards thwarting the effectiveness of comment spam, and here’s how… First of all, for those not familiar with TinyURL: “Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to […]