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WordPress as a Social Network?

Social Networking is a preoccupation of mine. Also, as a blogger, WordPress is a key part of my work flow. And a question I keep asking myself is, what if WordPress became a Social Network?

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A business case for WordPress

WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) commands a great deal of respect, as do its developers. And while the Open Source heritage of WordPress is laudable, is it time to consider offering tools to “incentivize” commercial development?

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WordPress Plugins on the Blah, Blah! Technology blog

I’m very particular about the Plugins I use with WordPress. Very particular. I’m a PHP developer and I know how an errant portion of code can wreak havoc. So my list of Plugins is small and select. But because I’m a sharing, caring soul, I decided to share with you — yes, you!

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Business websites: SEO versus Social Media, Part 1

99% of businesses will probably never benefit from Social Media as they would from SEO, and here’s why…

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Adobe don’t care Contribute is broken

So finally we have our answer from Adobe Technical Support with regards to how Adobe Contribute is breaking every website we use it with. Apparently, it’s the users fault. Specifically, my client. Excellent .. and there was me thinking Adobe had been utterly unprofessional. [/sarcasm] For anyone who’s used the very much broken Adobe Contribute, […]