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Google Universal no panacea for all search

When you have that one hot service, it’s always tempting to push everything else through it. Tempting, because for you, the service provider, it’s simpler. But for the customer, what’s easier for a service provider like Google doesn’t always translate into an easier service for you… Having read through Gord Hotchkiss’s analysis of Google Universal […]

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Spock gets pinch on finding people

Be you the ardent journalist, the voracious researcher or the sweating voyeur, Spock really does apply some very lateral thinking to a common, logical problem. And the problem? Finding stuff about someone in particular on the ‘Net. Oh, you can just use Google for crap like that, surely? Well, yes. But if you’ve ever performed […]

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Yahoo oneSearch Launches to Redefine Mobile Web Search

If you were thinking Yahoo! had given up the search ghost, think again! Not one to stand still, Yahoo! have signed not one, not two, not even three, but four partnerships recently: “Yahoo oneSearch & Opera Mobile Partnership Opera Software and Yahoo! today announced a new strategic partnership for which Opera has named Yahoo! as […]