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Social web: Google Notebook, Clipmarks

Much to the dismay of those who know me well, I’m an incessant trier of new things. Especially new things web-enabled. So after seeing Google Notebook flash up once too many times, my curiosity was piqued such that a dabble was required. First of all, Google Notebook requires an Add-On in Firefox. To some, this […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: where to find me…

By way of some self-indulgent, self-promotional content-free posting this Sunday, here’s a list of all of the places you can expect to find me skulking & lurking on that interweb thing I keep hearing a lot about. StumbleUpon Pownce Twitter Flickr Clipmarks Ecademy LinkedIn Technorati MyBlogLog Digg Ma.gnolia 43 Things Explode! Flagr Also, […]

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Google, Clipmarks look to video

It wasn’t too long ago that Digg started offering video as a peer content offering, along side the regular common-or-garden variety universal resource locator (link to you & me!) Well it looks like Google have been experimenting with video in their search results, too: “Looks like Google is experimenting with including videos in the organic […]

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Weekend update…

What with the flurry of traffic I’ve had over the course of the latter part of this week, I thought it best to give the ‘blog a bit of a tidy up, move things around and add in some new content to keep your eyes ‘appy With that in mind, I’ve moved some of the […]