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Apple iPhone versus the LG KE850?

Some might say by accident, some might say by design, I say the chances of Apple just copying the work of someone else is not even an idea worth bothering with. There’s no doubting the similarities between the Apple iPhone and the LG KE850, that no one can deny. However, for Apple, design is a […]

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Apple iPhone: the game is on

“Many abilities. No buttons. Introducing the iPhone.” Is this Apple trying desperately to Think Different, or are they onto something? Or, is this just another fake? I have to wonder. On the face of it, the idea of a mobile phone sans buttons seems ridiculous to the extreme, but why have buttons anyway? For a […]

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BBC, Yahoo! Reuters getting into social news?

Despite what the neigh-sayers are putting about, ‘blogging is taking its toll on news coverage. Gone are the days of a 6 o’clock exclusive; this is the time when scoops are claimed in back-bedrooms after an internet conversation with drunken colleague tumbling out of a board meeting in different time zone, and from a bus […]

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Google adverts on mobile phones?

There’s no doubting Google’s ambition to be the top of the advertising heap, but this recent talk of Google advertising ending up on mobile phones leaves me feeling a little cut off. “In an interview with Reuters, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that cell phone price subsidies should increase in tandem with the amount of […]