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How big is your To-Do list?

So just how big is your To-Do list? I ask, because this question was put to me by Shana, owner and webmaster behind pre-school curriculum and educational website ABC Home Pre-School. And you know what? The bigger the list of things to do, the better… We just happened to be talking about my list of […]

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Run a business? Invite a client to the office

You don’t know what it is that I know. Similarly, I don’t know what you know. Some of you might know some of things that I know, but not everything. And visa versa. For my clients, they look at me and see a different world of knowledge. And sometimes, that difference in knowledge can seem […]

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Personal Branding for the ‘blogging masses

Personal Branding isn’t just for the big boys anymore. Personal Branding is an accessible methodology in so far as most ‘bloggers are actively building and managing personal brand every time they post a comment or write an article. Key to any personal brand is perception, both how you perceive yourself and how you’d prefer people […]

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Exposed: EzineArticles ‘expert status’

Fooled by the catchy headline? Sorry, but the only one being exposed here is me .. via EzineArticles awarding me Expert Author status. You see, I turned ten t’other day, when I submitted my: “Manage personal brand like a porn star” and: “10 Personal Branding habits of the pros” articles to my Ezine Articles account. […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up…

This last week for me has been hectic .. busy, busy, busy! I’ve been working flat out to get on top of things, and in between a busy work schedule, I’ve managed to run two articles on a brand new topic for this ‘blog: Personal Branding & Brand Management, as well as the usual Wayne […]