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Social Networking — Britain ignores while US explores

Facebook and other Social Networking websites have polarized opinions amongst businesses. However, the most telling aspect of this split is that the divide runs right down the middle the Atlantic — and Britain appears not to be on the right side…

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Serious Science: the ultimate party drug? Part 2

The world we live in is one of immediate convenience. The pace and perception of modern life is such that a ‘quick fix’ to health & happiness is moved from our life wish list and into the ‘must have’ column. Technically, it seems the ultimate party drug is doable, but would it be ethically and […]

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British ‘bloggers…

Of the people who pass through Blah, Blah! Technology, the vast majority are from the USA while visitors from Britain are half that. So this is where I’d like to reach out to British technology ‘bloggers, and I’m writing this article knowing that at some point, it’s going to come up in a Google search, […]

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UN urged to adopt asteroid impact treaty

The more we learn about our world, the more we appreciate the fragility of things and the more precious this blue planet seems to us. We’re destroying this world and we’re also pushing the resources available to us to the very edge. On the positive side, we know what we’re doing wrong and we are […]

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When road tax, red diesel, organic food and bio-fuels meet, Part 3

Diversify or die! Sound advice. The kind of advice many farmers have taken to heart. But are bio-fuels the way forward, or are the farmers just sewing the seeds of their own demise? In the first installment, I looked at the proposed ‘pay as you drive’ scheme and what such a scheme means to the […]