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The ‘blogroll is dead. Viva la citation!

As the web evolves, so do the customs that accompany it. And so it is that the humble ‘blogroll has had its day. I say this because there’s a better way of doing things, but only if you’re of a certain type of ‘blogger… There are many levels of ‘blogger out there; some just starting […]


Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: Holiday 2007

Alas, I must abscond to sunnier climes for a period of rest & relaxation, but mainly drunken revelry, hedonistic excess and debauchery of every type, style and description. From later this evening, I’m to be found mainly on the Greek island of Kardamena, getting up to no amount terrible thrills with my eldest nephew Jack… […]

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Yet another ‘blogging article…

Man, is the web just totally crowded with ‘blogging tips & tricks, or what?! It’s almost like ‘blogging advice & help articles are in your face wherever you turn, isn’t it? So what makes mine any different? You doing something with my advice and then making good of it… So you want to know more […]