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Apple and the KISS of success

Choice is a funny thing. Not funny-ha-ha, but the kind that makes you stop, wonder, and then scratch your head. And if there’s too much choice, you wonder some more before sighing with exasperation just before you leave. Apple understand this, while their competitors really don’t have a clue.

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Apple vs Microsoft: tech trends future war

It’s as if the battle never ended, isn’t it? Maybe it didn’t? Maybe the battle is still burning away, only Guerilla war style. Small pockets of conflict, scattered here & there. Right now, the air is thick with bullets as the major games consoles do battle over the thirtysomething market… While mortar fire can be […]

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Microsoft want in on the One Laptop Per Child project…

As acts of philanthropic, beneficent gestures go, the goal of One Laptop Per Child, “expressly [to provide a laptop computer] for the world’s poorest children living in its most remote environments” is making news, turning heads and melting hearts. It’s a project that has been the work of one Nicholas Negroponte and is his desire […]