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On-line media giants creating “self linking” walled gardens?

Trust on the web is something hard earned. As a blogger, earning the trust of other bloggers as well as larger media publishers requires an appreciable amount of effort. Some might have you believe there’s a silent movement towards an intellectual embargo by the media giants. As you might expect, I see things differently…

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Apple, YouTube, EMI in tech’ triumvirate

Technology can be an incestuous business to be in. Deals being forged one week, when only the week before, those same parties were sat staring at each other across a court room. And if you keep an ear to the ground an finger to the wind, you’ll have a noticed that it’s the same names […]

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BBC iPlayer to take on iTunes?

Hot on the heals of me bitchin’ about the Beeb (that’s a familiar term for the BBC, by the way) more news emerges on the BBC’s intentions of releasing an iTunes competitor. “The commercial arm of the BBC said its iPlayer will give British Web surfers a seven-day online opportunity to view BBC shows they […]

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BBC, YouTube in non-event deal

Edging closer to becoming a world-wide media player, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation for those not in the know) have forged a ‘ground-breaking deal’ with Google subsidiary, YouTube. Here’s the real news: the BBC are hoping to spike YouTube with higher-quality snippets of near-disposible video as a means of kicking out the lower-quality crap taking […]

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Macrovision look to DRM future

Digital Rights Management as a topic of discussion is probably as hot as any subject is going to be right now. Quite recently, Steve Jobs issued an open letter, aimed at three different audiences. The intent was to foment some kind of unease with the idea of using DRM technology. And at the very least, […]