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Apple get casual about gaming

Let’s just get one thing straight: Apple aren’t in a niche, they are a niche in their own right. In fact, they love being a niche. And, they love hunting down any new niche that is close enough to them to make sense bringing into the fold. Take casual gaming on the iPod, for example: […]

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Apple in the living room

Within the next few weeks, I’ll be buying myself an Apple MacBook Pro. This isn’t just a work-on-the-move computer, my MacBook Pro will be at the heart of my home entertainment, maybe even soon to be joined by an Apple TV, which could well occupy that space between the DVD player and the digital TV […]

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Microsoft hone their Windows Home Server

Just as Apple role out their Apple TV set-top box, Microsoft busy themselves with a similar, if not more wide-reaching and wide-ranging product. Enter the Windows Home Server. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of Microsoft’s naming convention, or a fan of Microsoft full stop – with the exception of Microsoft Office for Mac, […]

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Apple iPhone is here…

As a qualified product designer, I’m only too aware of when I see a qualified success. The all new Apple iPhone is just such an example of a qualified success in product design and ergonomics. It’s as if Apple started the whole project from the point of view of that the entire mobile phone concept […]