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Apple iPod Shuffle storage bug

Now that I can work from home on my brand new MacBook Pro, and that I’ve been using my iPod Nano in the car for months, my iPod Shuffle doesn’t get used too much, not even when I’m out jogging. So what to do with my first generation iPod Shuffle? Well, with it sporting one […]

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Adobe CS3 could net Apple $900m

I couldn’t wait any longer and I simply had to buy my brand new 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro. I’m running Adobe Photoshop and it’s not half bad, but I suspect it’ll run a lot faster when it’s ready for the Intel processor inside my MacBook Pro. However, there are a lot people out there […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: make my ‘blog big!

It’s been a weird past couple of months. What I gained in terms of securing the future of my business for the foreseeable future, I lost in terms of me actually getting time to ‘blog and do the whole social web thing, going out there and commenting. As of yesterday, I took ownership of a […]