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Who’s on your social network radar?

Mobile access to our Social Networks isn’t a new concept. But the potential of mobile Social Networking has yet to be fully realized. Could location-based Social Networking be the “kill app” of mobile devices?

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What next for Apple’s iPhone?

Iconic is a word too easily associated with Apple products and the iPhone is no exception. The original Mac started out the same way, with the iPhone and the more recent iPod Touch continuing that tradition. But what’s next for the iPhone?

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Most popular articles of 2007 on Blah, Blah! Technology

Over the last year, a string of Social Media and technology articles have given this ‘blog some exposure. So here’s a list of the most popular articles of 2007…

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Apple’s iPod out of Touch?

Not often do we see Apple put a foot wrong these days. In the past 10 years, their missteps can be counted on one hand. The success of the iPhone seemed destined to spawn more successes, but I have to wonder if Apple is out of touch… People like shiny, glossy stuff that fits snugly […]

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iPhone price cut a costly call for Jobs?

Apple’s iPhone came at the mobile phone market as if the cell phone hadn’t been invented yet. While the iPhone isn’t entirely without faults, it’s clear that the boundaries of what can be achieved within the confines of a mobile device have been nudged that little bit further. However, what Apple seems to have failed […]