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Google Maps finds AdSense

There was this talk of people painting their company logos and contact details onto the roofs of their premises when Google announced Google Maps way back when. More recently, Google released Google MyMaps, giving us the tools to create outlines of the land and property we own, or where we live, or maybe the route […]

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Web 2.0 + 1

I never really hit it off with the Web 2.0 moniker. To me, it was and still is a marketing gimmick that doesn’t reflect the fullness of the second breath the web has taken recently. Version two implies the web has stepped forward. To me, that’s to neglect the fact that the web has not […]

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Mashup Pipe dreams for Yahoo!

I do so like the direction Yahoo! are taking recently. Rather than trying to battle Google head-on through search, they’re coming from many different angles pursuing smaller, more niche directions. Their main vector of attack recently being Mashups. While they busy themselves with their various web properties together via other means, you can now entangle […]