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Humans are a greater threat to life on earth than any alien race

Aliens, intent on conquering planet Earth! Or are they? The stuff of science fiction recently got a sheen of dignity from Professor Stephen Hawking as he discusses the perils of peering into space, with an out-stretched hand. But if those aliens have walked any path similar to our own, history and humility will halt human hostility dead in its tracks…

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Serious Science: is there alien life in the universe? Part 2

Is there alien life out there in the universe, or are we alone? That is perhaps the most profound question would can ask. After all, even lonely can be a shared experience…

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Water-dependent alien life on the rocks?

To humans, as well as most other forms of life here on planet Earth, water is a commodity we need to survive. As a commodity, water isn’t interchangeable with anything else. Without it, we humans and most other creatures simply and abruptly die… And right up until very recently, the presence of water in either […]