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Postcards meme to the edge…

… Of Canada, that is. There are few things more rewarding than seeing some of my advice pay off. I recently ran an article on better ‘blogging, which seems to have been quite inspirational to a fellow ‘blogger over in Canada. So when she took some of my advice and ran with it in a […]

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Better ‘blogging, part 1

I keep getting asked about ‘blogging by people and what does it take to be a good ‘blogger. First of all, I try to clarify one thing: being a good ‘blogger is not always equal to being a successful ‘blogger. OK, with that out of the way, I’m going to serialize my thoughts on ‘blogging for anyone, not just beginners…

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A web presence takes time

I got an email earlier this evening (by the time this article is posted, it’ll be last night) from a client asking me a really, really simple question, which goes something like: “I’ve been onto Google and I can’t find my website when I type in my company name.” I must point out that the […]