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Microsoft Silverlight no silver bullet

Embrace. Extend. Extinguish. That was the mantra. Well, that was then and this is now. Over the past few months, Microsoft have been busying themselves with their Expression range of creative tools, the idea of which is to bridge the perceived yawning gap between developer and designer. A good idea, for sure, and all of […]

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Adobe Media Player debuts

Adobe have the wind to their backs, and looking down the playing field, they can see old enemies with the sun in their eyes, trying to figure out if it’s a confident smile or gritted determination they see on the faces of those coming towards them. Either way, it’s best to exercise caution and brace […]

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Adobe CS3 uncreative pricing

I’m a web designer and developer. That’s what I do to make money. There are certain aspects of my business that absolutely require certain tools to function and to be compatible with other creatives. An example of such tools would be Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. By the end of the month, Adobe are due […]

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Adobe development cycle hits 2.0

Keen followers of this ‘blog will have read my on-going coverage of Adobe and the Adobe versus Microsoft battle. More recently, an interview with Adobe’s Russell Williams by Mary Branscombe for The Register. Those who’re interested into the software development cycle should find this interview quite interesting and very telling, too. Even the major ISV’s […]

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Adobe CS3 could net Apple $900m

I couldn’t wait any longer and I simply had to buy my brand new 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro. I’m running Adobe Photoshop and it’s not half bad, but I suspect it’ll run a lot faster when it’s ready for the Intel processor inside my MacBook Pro. However, there are a lot people out there […]