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The web presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure for businesses of all shapes & sizes. Figuring out the opportunities from the challenges can be an expensive learning process. Because we’re business people, just like you, we know where you’re coming from — and we can help your business get to where you need it to be…

The benefits of using Blah for your business

Here’s 3 reasons your business should use Blah — you have access to:

  1. a powerful network of influential and knowledgeable professionals from around the world, ready & able to help promote your content;
  2. a results-driven, measurable internet marketing plan, geared towards your businesses specific needs;
  3. a web design & development agency and internet consultancy that’s been building world-class websites and web applications since 1999.

More about Blah

Kate & I have backgrounds in marketing, design, web development and consulting, with great overlap across our core skills. This results in a unique blend of talents spanning a wide variety of industries spread over our many years of experience — meaning you get a truly professional and personal service.

We’re ready to help your business focus on making the most of your corporate ‘blog, website and your brand. We can help you harness the power of ‘blogging, Social Media & Networking to give your products & services that all-important exposure.

Also, we offer an ethical service. By that, we mean we don’t get involved in promotional activities that people don’t like; such as spamming, either by email or by submitting articles to people for voting or reviewing.

If you’re new to Blah, then you’ll find a wealth of knowledge just waiting for you, topics ranging from Social Media & Social Networking, SEO (Search Engine Marketing) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to Personal Branding & Brand Management, as well as a variety of business-related features.

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Our core marketing, web design & development service for your business

Before we undertake any project, we like to do our homework. We won’t say “Yes!” to anything until we’re absolutely sure we can help you. If we do say “Yes!”, then we may well:

  • build a precise, realistic plan of action — including a strategic brief and estimates of both time and cost, with deliverable, measurable goals;
  • work with your marketing teams and their strategies — integrating with another activities, such as any print-based campaigns;
  • identify your business niche — we will scour the web to find the best venues to promote your products / services;
  • provide an excellent web design service — melding your new ‘blog with your existing corporate identity, ensuring a totally seamless design;

Because business is about activities, the following are a series of common questions businesses need answers to and how Blah can help you…

We need a ‘blog for our business, where do we begin?

Maybe you’re familiar to ‘blogging, or it’s a totally new area to you. Either way, you feel your business needs a ‘blog! Here’s how we can help:

  • development and integration — installation, set-up and configuration, either building your new ‘blog into an existing website, or starting from scratch;
  • ground-up optimization for the search engines and Social Media — ensuring your new corporate ‘blog is optimized for the search engines and Social Media from day one;
  • best practice procedures — a how-to guide to commenting & comment moderation, copy writing and brand management;
  • monetizing your traffic — subject to your needs and circumstances, we’ll help you find the best way to make money out of the traffic to your ‘blog;
  • on-going training & support — to make sure you’re in charge of your new ‘blog and able to manage it competently from the get go!

interested in using Blah to boost your business?

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We have this great product / service we want promote on the web, but how?

Being a marketeer is one thing, but marketing via the web often plays by a different set of rules, a different approach and a different way of thinking:

  • identifying your business niche — we will scour the web to find the best venues to promote your products / services;
  • building buzz — certain products / services just ooze the all-important buzz factor, and we’ll work to make the best of that star quality by getting its name on the lips of all the right people;
  • generating quality traffic — there are plenty of ways to drive targeted traffic, such as PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media & Search Engine Marketing, and we’ll help you make the right choice!

interested in using Blah to boost your business?

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Our company website isn’t performing as well as we’d hoped, how can we fix that?

Squeezing every ounce of performance out of a company website is a challenge for any business, but there are prerequisites that will help you create sustainable traffic that can deliver a sound ROI (Return on Investment) over the long-term:

  • performance analysis and critique — we will provide you with an honest appraisal of your website, encompassing a range of key factors, ensuring a detailed, thorough examination;
  • optimization for the search engines — ensuring your new company website is search engine friendly and capturing relevant search traffic;
  • best practice procedures — a how-to guide to ‘blog commenting, copy & headline writing, as well as brand & reputation management;

interested in using Blah to boost your business?

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We’d like to engage with our customers via the web, what do we need to do?

For those businesses that require some extra exposure, there’s a great opportunity for you to establish a dialogue with your existing customers as well as prospective new ones — and Social Networking is a really good way of doing that:

  • create a sustainable presence on the web — we’ll find the right places for you and your staff to focus your Social Networking activities;
  • conversational marketing via ‘blogging — with a corporate ‘blog, reach out to new or existing customers, or even your own staff, quickly and directly;
  • managing your brand and reputation — we’ll help you monitor what people, customers and competitors are saying about you and your business and how best to respond;

interested in using Blah to boost your business?

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We’re an established business and we’d like to know what the web can do for us!

With all your company history, experience and know-how to hand, we can help your business make a serious dent in the world wide web with a wonderful website:

  • high-impact web design — design isn’t just about looks, it’s about the feel, too, and good design communication often means visitors stay longer;
  • optimization for the search engines — optimizing your website for your target market and your target customers, wherever they’re to be found;
  • copy writing and headlines that get results — text and headlines aren’t just for people nowadays, better copy can mean better traffic from the search engines, too;
  • monitor, measure and analyze — pivotal to the success of any website or ‘blog is tracking the ebb & flow of traffic, be it from direct visitors, or from a marketing campaign;

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You run a ‘blog or website, you like our ‘blog and you want us to write for you, too?

Whether you’re looking for a critique / analysis or a new product or service, or some “What if?” speculative piece, let’s talk. Blah has been providing in-depth commentary & opinion on technology trends for over 3 years.

interested in using Blah to boost your business?

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