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Are we learning yet?

Originally posted on Always-On Consider the following: if error is the mother of creation, who’s the daddy? Seriously though, while you’re here, you might as well as read on. Recently another blog prompted me to put into words my way of thinking: I’m a optimistic pessimist. In the sense that if you expect the worst […]

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Tech’ news in brief…

Microsoft Touts Success of ‘Security Development Lifecycle’: “… Software should run with the least necessary privilege, and services and features that are not widely needed should be disabled by default or accessible only to a small population of users.” Read more… Major Hangups over the iPod Phone: Behind the clash are two very different views […]

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The one predictable thing about tech markets…

Originally posted on Always-On … Is that they’re unpredictable. Making predictions about anything is a tricky business. It’s often fraught with problems and compounded by two factors: too many variables and too many people. Making predictions in the world of technology is about as rough as it gets. You see a trend, fad, or new […]

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The iPod: to infinity and beyond…

Originally posted on Always-On As an example of the dichotomy of social engineering, the iPod is a shining example of the paradox: a piece of socially exclusionary technology that is socially fashionable. While a great fan of iPod + iTunes, at times, I have to double-take at the fervor surrounding the diminutive device. So imagine […]

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Social engineering

Originally posted on Always-On Most people now accept that our world is in one way or another tied to or driven by technology, be it your mobile / cell phone, your computer, or even your video recorder. I, for one, see technology as an enabler. My business relies on various technologies for its very functionality. […]