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MyBlogLog is?

As a Social Network, MyBlogLog has never realized the promise I felt it had to the potential to achieve. The change of management really hasn’t improved matters and the competition are much sharper outfits. So just what’s the point of MyBlogLog?

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Microsoft Office politics to bring adCenter and Yahoo! together?

Microsoft’s adCenter Labs has been turning heads recently. But the quality and the sophistication of their search marketing tools casts a long shadow over their less than stellar advertising presence — and then there are those rumors of Yahoo! being bought out by none other than Microsoft… Microsoft’s adCenter Labs first came to my attention […]

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Ad’ blindness coming to a PDF near you!

In an effort to drive more ad’ revenue, Adobe and Yahoo! announced an advertising platform for PDF documents. At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking ill of such an apparent “me too!” affair. But there’s some innovation in this iterative idea… It’s no secret that Yahoo! isn’t the powerhouse that Google is when […]

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Web as music’s future, not DRM or music labels

Music is something very personal. For me, music is how I focus. Music gets me through a tough day in the office or up a steep hill when out jogging. Music is also an exceptionally lucrative business. The stewardship of which being hotly contested, with the music labels on one side, while you & I […]

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Citizen ‘blogging to hit the headlines?

Maybe it’s the irony, or that it’s just funny that the biggest news story in recent times just isn’t being told. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Newspapers and citizen ‘bloggers in ‘Net news coverage blackout scandal! I got an email from Colombian Carol, informing me of a paid-for ‘blogging offer on Springwise: “Understanding that […]