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Big brands from small players, while Microsoft, Disney, Ford trail

Brand perception is probably the most volatile facet of any business. Controlling brand perception amongst your customers / clients and prospects is key to so many things. And in the age of the social web, being the biggest business in the world doesn’t always mean you’re the best known…

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Search giants, law makers looking for some privacy

The search engines are again under the legislative spotlight. Their powers of data retention are being eroded further. But there’s a deeper problem — take away personal data and the future of web applications is imperiled…

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Customized search with Yahoo! Search Gallery

In a style similar to Google’s Sitelinks, Yahoo! Search Gallery offers customized search results. The difference is, Yahoo! are letting you create your very own search results from the websites you like most…

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“Black Hat” SEO: How to get banned in 5 easy steps

Tricking the search engines to rank your pages higher than they ought to is called “spamdexing”, or simply spam. I have warned people many times over about a host of different spamming techniques, and how they should avoid them. If you don’t mind a nasty wrench being thrown into your search marketing plans, please feel free to go ahead and ignore the rest of this article…

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Semantic Web — the “Found Engine” comes of age

As an academic concept, the semantic web is seen as the panacea for a range of web ills. However, as a commercial exercise, whoever moves first spends the most — well that’s the theory, anyway…