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British government launches data “innovation” challenge

The modern British government has vast stores of data warehouses at their disposal, which they’re opening up for the first time, hoping some innovative thinking might just hit pay dirt during all that data mining…

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Looking for some SEO know-how? Then you’ve come to the right place! Learning SEO couldn’t be easier — each of my Search Engine Optimization tutorials will take you around 5 minutes to read. Sounds good, yes? Then read on…

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The Social Loop — to write, share and promote

Getting the most out of the time you spend writing great articles, optimizing them and then being active on your favourite Social Network is an on-going challenge for just about all of us. Understanding the strengths and the order in which we use our social tools helps clarify how our articles fit into the Social Loop…

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Grabbing SEO by the Long Tail

Search Engine Optimization is in simple terms a methodology for word relevance and word use. Of course, there’s a lot more to SEO, but for the most part, that’s the story so far. However, to rank highly for those words you know are relevant to you, it help to rank for more distant phrases and even questions…

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SEO for URLs and externally linked files on websites & ‘blogs

Google is a reader of websites who’s best kept happy with sensible structure and strong content. Google will read almost anything — or should I say almost any file…